Drawing the nude teaches you how to love the body

Art classes in life drawing

Learn how to draw

With restrictions being eased I hope to do some of my outdoor art classes during the summer. No dates yet but do get in touch and ask to be put on my email list. Drawing outside in a lovely garden makes the experience of life drawing even more fantastic! I’m also happy to use Zoom for virtual drawing lessons. See below for online details.

life drawing outside

Life drawing outside at Hindolveston

life drawing in garden

Life drawing class outside at Northrepps

female nude Summertime
dappled nude

Zoom art classes

Below are examples from some of the online classes that I've been doing this year. This is what a Zoom screen looks like. The class participants are being helped step by step through a drawing

Zoom class life drawing
nude male life class

How Zoom life drawing works

Zoom art classes are great for individuals or small groups. My drawing and painting classes are great fun and filled with demonstrations and clear, helpful advice. My teaching is very effective at giving you the observational skills needed to get control of your drawing and express your own ideas and feelings.

You’ll need to have the Zoom app on your phone or tablet. As well as seeing and hearing my demos you’ll be able to show me your work in progress. I’ll try to offer encouraging advice! I’ll let you know how to log in and guide you through the simple features of Zoom. Before the class I'll send you a fact sheet that includes a list of art materials and the picture reference to print out and have with you for the class.

The class should last around 90 minutes and costs £15 as part of a group. If you'd like to have a one to one class that would cost £35. You can pay safely through Paypal if you wish. We can arrange a date and time that suits you. Email me via the link above and try out one of my drawing sessions.

Below is one of my male nude painting demos for you to enjoy. It lasts about 90 seconds. Make sure you click on the full screen icon when the video clip has loaded!

student life nudes

Student drawings on Zoom


Step-by-step watercolour art class

Peter the art teacher

Life drawing art classes are not just for those who wish to draw the nude. They're a great way to learn vital drawing skills. These skills are very important to enable you to draw and paint in any medium and for whatever subject matter you prefer. Drawing is about being able to look and see clearly what is in front of you and being able to put it down on your paper or canvas.

Nothing reveals poor drawing skill better than life drawing art classes. If you draw some pots and pans, or a few flowers, or even a tree, you can make quite a few mistakes and your drawing will still look pretty good. But when you draw a naked human body even very small errors can ruin the sketch. We humans know ourselves too well and soon spot any mistakes!

Learning how to draw the naked body will enable you to draw anything you wish and will improve your paintings.