Who knew drawing could be such great fun?

Hen party nude drawing

Hen party life drawing class

I really enjoy hen party life drawing classes! Drawing is such a fun activity and this is a much better way to enjoy a hunky male body than hiring a stripper! You don't need any experience of life drawing and can be complete beginners. I'm a talented artist and tutor, as well as being a slim and muscular male model, I'm the ideal man for this role. I can pose and teach at the same time.

I love drawing the nude myself so I encourage the hens to take delight in the naked body and allow themselves to enjoy this rare opportunity to study the nude male. Looking is the basic skill to drawing so let's allow ourselves to look! I set some drawing exercises for the hens to help them look the way artists look and to see how this improves their sketches.

The idea is to have a fun class and not a serious art lesson but with some good tips and a demonstration most hens do actually improve at drawing and this really pleases them. I can provide good quality A4 sketchpads for them to keep and these make a nice souvenir of the party. I can provide pencils and charcoal as well.

I charge around £225 for a party depending on numbers and how far I have to travel. Art materials cost £5 per hen if you'd like me to supply them. I suggest at least two hours for the class. Call or email me at the details above to check availability.

Have a look at my nude drawings on this web site to get an idea of my skill and enthusiasm for life drawing. Art tutor and sexy model rolled into one! Perfect for hen party fun!

Hen parties in Norfolk

If you’re worried about social distancing at the moment how about trying a Zoom class? We can still have some cheeky fun!

Below are some photos from hen parties I've done recently. As you can see the hens love them! Please check out my dedicated web site at for further information.

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hen party nude model
hen party nude outside
nude at hen party
nude hen party model
hen party nude drawing
Zoom hen party nude drawing

Zoom hen nude drawing class