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Follow this guide and learn how to paint a lovely masculine pair of buttocks in oil paint. There's something special about bottoms! We seem to allow ourselves to enjoy a naked bottom more than any other part of the body. They are particularly appealing and the male bottom is definitely the winner!

A favourite, popular art work of mine is a set of four little bums painted on postcard sized canvases in oil paint. Here's how to go about it if you'd like to give it a try. You'll need a little canvas, some brown oil paints, small brushes and a drop of turps. And of course you need a sexy model to work from!

First get your model to try different poses and take your time to enjoy looking at the forms of the back, buttocks and legs. Seeing these move will help you grasp the proportions and shapes and how these delightful forms are described by light.

how to paint a male bottom

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This is not just a print but a unique set of original oil paintings on small canvases, each measuring 13 x 18cm. They will not look exactly like the picture below but will be very similar. You can even ask for a particular colour in the background! Email me at the address above and let me know what you'd like.

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Watch your model moving before deciding on the best pose. Notice how the light moves across the forms.

Sketch with charcoal to fill your canvas. Fuss over the angles and proportions.

Block in the darks with a warm brown. Don't thin the paint and leave your brush marks to feel the form.

With a clean brush and a touch of turps spread the paint across the lighter areas keeping them distinct.

Add a background colour of your choice. Vary it in tone and mark. Notice how it helps your body lights.

Restate your darks and blend them into the lights. Observe your model well for subtle touches of light.

Add some white paint as final brightest highlights and blend it with the brown paint.