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Capture the beauty of your own body! Commission a gorgeous nude painting or drawing created by this master of nude life drawing. Yes it's a great idea and you'll be so pleased you went ahead and commissioned your own nude portrait! These pictures become family treasures and the experience one of your happiest memories!

I've been drawing and painting the nude body all of my life. Our bodies are a unique gift from Nature and should be admired and enjoyed. Life is too short and should be indulged to the full. So many people waste it being proper and prudish! Love your body and capture it's beauty in one of my gorgeous paintings.

I'm skilled in most media and create beautiful drawings in pencil, charcoal and pastel. My watercolours are particularly special as not many artists can manage the nude in this sparkling but tricky medium. Oil paintings are of course the final say in portraiture and mine combine tradition with a fresh contemporary flair.

I can and do work from photos but the best way is to work from life. Not only will my work be better but you will enjoy the additional benefit of posing naked for an artist. The idea might sound terrifying but all of my clients have found it liberating, exciting and deeply relaxing. Many return for the pleasure of modelling for me! If you can manage a trip to my studio in Sheringham the experience will stay with you forever.

Get in touch through the details above to arrange your nude portrait commission.

nude portrait drawings and paintings