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Life drawing nude

Are you one of those artists who have been hiding from the chore of drawing? Do you just want to paint and not bother with sketching? Do you just want to get on with making the pictures? You're not alone! But inside you know you have to crack this problem of drawing. Whatever you want to paint you need to know how to draw.

Are you limited to the few things you can paint? You're okay at the skies and the distant hills but can't manage the trees, the buildings, the boats, the cows and most of all... the people! When your paintings go wrong it's the drawing that's going wrong.

Learning how to draw will have the biggest impact on your paintings than anything else you do.

Life drawing art classes are not just for those who wish to draw the nude. They're a great way to learn vital drawing skills. These skills are very important to enable you to draw and paint in any medium and for whatever subject matter you prefer. Drawing is about being able to look and see clearly what is in front of you and being able to put it down on your paper or canvas.

Nothing reveals poor drawing skill better than life drawing art classes. If you draw some pots and pans, or a few flowers, or even a tree, you can make quite a few mistakes and your drawing will still look pretty good. But when you draw a naked human body even very small errors can ruin the sketch. We humans know ourselves too well and soon spot any mistakes!

Learning how to draw the naked body will enable you to draw anything you wish and will improve your paintings.

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Welcome to my life drawing web site! Here you can find out about art classes in Norfolk and Norwich and learn what is so wonderful about drawing from the nude model. Below are links to my life drawing classes including those for hen parties, where this fun and exciting activity has become very popular. You can also see lots of my own nude drawings and paintings and even buy some if you wish. Have you ever considered commissioning a nude portrait of your own? Here I explain what's involved and how to go about it. Do enjoy looking around the site and get in touch via the email link above if you have any questions.