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There's nothing like having the model all to yourself! No distractions or interuptions, the best views and all the time you need. My one-to-one classes are just what you need to escape the world and indulge yourself in drawing. You'll be surprised at how quickly you relax and enjoy the privacy of the class, and how this enables you to concentrate on improving your own drawing skills.

I model and teach and this works extremely well with students finding almost instant improvement in their understanding and skills. I find that I can usually pick up on what the student needs, and with demonstrations and explanations help them discover better ways to go about drawing.

These sessions are usually at my studio in Sheringham, Norfolk but I can come to you if you prefer. They can be arranged at a time that suits you. If you can't make my usual classes this is a great alternative.  If you've been going to regular classes you might want to try a one-to-one class to get some focused attention from the tutor and push your drawings up a notch or two.

The cost is £45 for one session or £40 if you arrange to do several. I keep the cost this low to enable you to do regular sessions and make some remarkable progress in your drawing skills. The sessions are 3 to 4 hours and you'll find this time goes by in a flash! Get in touch on the number or email above and we can find  a date for your first one-to-one life drawing class.

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