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I've been a male life model in Norwich and Norfolk for artists and life classes for many years and I really enjoy showing off! I have a slim, athletic body with defined muscles and graceful proportions. It would be a shame not to show it off! I've always found in my experience as an artist that the best life models usually draw, and so have an understanding of what makes an inspiring pose.

Drawing the nude is quite tricky so it's good to have a male life model that excites the artist and inspires them to great efforts in an attempt to catch the beauty of what they see. My body is particularly helpful to life drawing beginners as there are plenty of muscular forms to help them keep track of their proportions.

My own work as an artist of the nude gives me lots of ideas for poses and drawing activities. Quick poses, long poses, expressive, emotive poses, moving poses, poses with props and other bodies... A good pose goes a long way in helping a nude picture become a work of art.

As a tutor I know how important it is to have a reliable life model so I take my bookings seriously and always show up fit and ready to work. Contact me at the above details to arrange a booking.

male life drawing model and artist